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Happy New Year from your Physiotherapist In Notting Hill

Happy New Year Sign

Happy New Year!

Well the festivities are over and the New Year has begun. This is usually a time when we aim to make good on our New Years resolutions. By trying to bring in the sweeping wholesale changes that improve our lives on yesteryear. I must do more exercise, eat more healthily, get better sleep, read more, learn a new language …. the possibilities are endless! It is easy to say it – but far more challenging to actually do it.  So why is it so difficult to make significant changes to our lifestyles? – In the Physio world this can best be explained by the idiom ‘falling at the first hurdle‘.

If at first you don’t succeed

I regularly encounter patients at this time of year who have taken up a new activity in earnest – be it running, lifting weights at the gym or even a new sport. Usually things go swimmingly for the first couple of weeks but then trouble beckons. The expected improvement through exercise does not materialise or they start to develop pain. Unfortunately it is usually the latter that brings a true halt to their resolution. And this is the ‘falling’ part as many then give up.

So is Physio the Answer?

In the majority of cases pain is not the result of injury but due to other causes. Such as lack of conditioning or strength. Pain may also be due to sensitised tissues – muscles for example can become sensitised when under constant load. Commonly seen when we are stressed. Touch the muscles around your neck and shoulder after a stressful day and you’ll see my point. The good news is physio can have a positive effect on all of these issues.  By coaching my patients on how to navigate this first hurdle – often amazing results can be achieved.

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