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Physiotherapy - Keeping you moving!

What is physio?

Well what does a physio actually do? Well I guess the simple answer is we help individuals with musculo-skeletal problems such as pain, injury, stiffness or loss of mobility. I want to understand the unique story of every patient that arrives at my door.  Knowing their individual journey is the start of the solution to their problem. The aim is, as always,  to get them back doing things that they love to do.

Initial Assessment

Physio will generally incorporate exercises to improve mobility, strength and function.  I will look at how you move on your initial assessment. Use specialist tests to assess the anatomical region. Functional tests relating to your lifestyle. Then finally develop an exercise program incorporating all aspects of your examination. Over the coming weeks we will work together. I will guide and coach you throughout this part of your journey.

Manual Therapy

Sometimes, I may use hands on treatments to facilitate your normal function. But it is important to note that manual therapy will compliment your exercises. It should not be seen as a magic cure. Our bodies love to move in an unguarded manner. By encouraging this with treatment some amazing results can be achieved. Helping you to build confidence on each phase of your recovery.

Dry Needling (Acupuncture)

Dry needling can sometimes be helpful in the early stages of treatment. Providing short term pain relief along with exercises.

What conditions are treated?

Physiotherapist treat a large variety of conditions - follow the links to find out more:

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 by Jo

Really good physio!! No longer in pain which is amazing after all these months.

 by William

Great physiotherapist! Help me to recover from a number of injuries.