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Acupuncture (dry needling) can be a very effective tool in helping to reduce sensitivity, pain or muscle spasm. By treating certain points within the body it can help restore movement and improve function. By essentially helping to relax your muscles! Is will not be effective on it's own  without exercise - so I will always guide you through the appropriate rehabilitation program to compliment the acupuncture.

Home Visits

It is sometimes more convenient to be seen at home due to the type of injury, lack of mobility or time constraints in regard to work related commitments. I will regularly see patients at home for treatment and exercise which can be an effective way to manage their condition. If you wish to find more about this service please connect through the contact page.

Work Station / Ergonomic Assessment

Long hours spent sitting at the desk whilst working may lead to musculo-skeletal symptoms. Usually a thorough ergonomic assessment of the work station set up will be enough to resolve such issues. I will regularly perform Work Station Assessments within an office or home setting. If you wish to find out more about this service them please connect through the contact page.

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