Sports Injuries

I have extensive experience in treating sports related injuries from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. In clinic I will see athletes from a variety of sporting fields including but not limited to running, cycling, skiing, rugby, football, netball and basketball.

Running and Cycling

Running and cycling related injuries will tend to increase around March and April when spring brings the more favourable weather. There is generally an increase in racing events around this time including the London marathon, bike events and prep events for the triathlon season. Injuries may result from direct trauma, or may gradually build up over time with sustained exercise. A thorough assessment is key to evaluating the cause, which is crucial in rehabilitating the individual back to full fitness. I will always try to keep my patients active during their rehabilitation period as this will help to improve their recovery times.


The Ski season gets going in December and for the majority of skiers hitting the slopes it will be an active, fun and enjoyable holiday. However there will be a small number of unfortunate individuals who suffer an injury whilst away. Physiotherapy is essential in the rehabilitation of these patients firstly in assessing the injury and then secondly in progressing the patients through an extensive rehabilitation program.

Contact and Court Sports

Contact sports are usually very enjoyable and sociable forms of exercise but due to the nature of the sport they tend to bring with them an associated risk of injury. The good news is the more conditioned we are to a particular activity the less risk there generally is. So I will always aim to insure that my patients are fully rehabilitated from their injuries and are also appropriately conditioned to help negate this risk.

Being able to change direction and move quickly across the court is key to both Netball and basketball. It is when this is hampered by injury and pain that playing the sport becomes problematic. I commonly see ankle or knee related injuries which require just a short rehabilitation period.  Occasionally more extensive treatment is necessary for those persistent niggles.

For the Love of Sport

There is nothing worse than not being able to do the sport that you love - Being an active sportsman I understand how frustrating this can be! The good news is most patients are able to return quicker than they anticipate if they adopt a sensible approach to their recovery.

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 by Norman

I’ve had knee pain for a few months. I couldn’t do my normal gym exercises. After a few sessions with David I’m now back doing my exercises again. The pain has virtually gone. Great stuff!

 by Rachel

I love dancing and I was getting back and leg pain so I had to stop. Thanks to David I’m now back doing the hobby I love.