Neck & Back Pain

Common Complaint

Neck and back symptoms are common complaints affecting most of the population at some point in their lives.

The good news is the majority of spinal problems can be managed or treated effectively with physiotherapy. I have nearly 20 years of experience in treating neck and back pain which has helped me to develop a holistic approach to patient centred care. Such an approach is not only extremely effective but also evidence based. There are many factors that can influence symptoms and it is important to understand each patients unique story in order to help them get better.

Back Pain

Acute and persistent pain can be very disabling and tends to create a lot of fear for many patients. My approach and treatment for back pain has changed remarkably from when I first qualified. The reason being the emerging evidence that supports a behavioural approach in the management of chronic and acute symptoms. It is often the patients beliefs and behaviours that keep them trapped in a persistent cycle of symptoms. By improving an individuals awareness, along with helping them to develop confidence with moving again and by returning them to their valued activities - remarkable success stories can happen!

Neck Pain

Patients regularly describe holding tension in their neck & shoulders or complain of feeling tight due to stress. This is, more often than not, exactly why they are experiencing pain and is usually a reflection of other factors such as lifestyle rather than a structural problem. In fact structural problems are rare and if they do occur they generally do not tend to affect function. Again by recognizing the different factors contributing to a patients neck pain and then by working with them to resolve their problem is essential to getting them better.  It is what gives me the most fulfillment as a physiotherapist!

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 by Simon

My chronic back pain now seems to have gone after seeing David for a few weeks. I’d highly recommend. I’m now back doing the stuff I love doing including cycling and hill walking. An amazing journey!