Upper & Lower Limb

Lower Limb

Physiotherapy is very effective at treating lower limb problems in particular for hip, knee, ankle and foot. Whether it's a muscular, ligamentous, tendon or bone related injury understanding how to manage these problems is crucial for successful outcomes. A detail patient history of the problem is key during the initial examination to help make an accurate  assessment of the issue. It will then help to guide a treatment process consisting of progressive functional exercises to help with a speedy recovery.

Following surgery for the lower limb most patients will require assessment and treatment to guide them through the rehabilitation process. It is my job to get patients back as quick as possible to the things that they love doing. By adopting a sensible approach to management this can usually be achieved quicker than is expected.

Upper Limb

Similarly Physiotherapy is also effective at treating upper limb problems of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. I will often see upper limb problems associated with certain sports such as tennis or rugby. However interestingly it is also these sports that tend to keep the upper limb strong and healthy. Activity and exercise are always key to maintaining conditioning and it is with this in mind that usually the appropriate approach for managing shoulder or elbow pain is exercise. However it is how these exercise are progressed and applied is usually the key which should be guided by a physiotherapist. I will always develop exercises regimes that functional and linked to an individuals lifestyle or sporting activities.

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 by Hazel

Injured my shoulder whilst skiing at the start of the year. Have had problems with ever since -but not anymore! David has taken me through a course of treatment. Now my shoulder feels as good as ever - and stronger.