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Get Inspired by Older Athletes

grey haired old man smiling

Older Athletes

Being active is crucial to keeping us healthy and happy. Unfortunately there has always been a view that activity and exercise as we get older leads to wear & tear, degeneration and even pain. However there appears to be no circumstantial evidence to support these erroneous beliefs and actually it appears the opposite is in fact true!  Being active keeps our bodies healthy, our joints well oiled and our muscles in good condition – and there are plenty of older athletes that can support this view. 

The Masters of the Games

The European Masters Athletics Championship highlighted this very point. I was amazed how these different athletes in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s where still competing internationally. How is it that a 70 year old can run a 10 km race in 44 minutes? An 87 year old can jump 2.77 metres? Or 91 year old compete in an international throwing event? All of these athletes appear to have one thing in common – and that’s that they’ve always remained active.

Exercise Keeps us Healthy

Not only it is inspiring but it provides strong support for the view that exercise actually maintains our health rather than gradually erodes it! So I guess the message is really ….never stop!

Find something you like doing that keeps you active and get out there and do it!

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