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Looking for a Physio in Ladbroke Grove?

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Ladbroke Grove Physio

The Portobello Clinic is a private practice that has been providing the local community with the very best in healthcare (including the Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Bayswater areas). It has been established for over 30 years and has always offered a variety of specialties related to health. The physiotherapy service is a long standing specialty within the practice treating patients with a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions.

Should I see a physio?

Whether you have an acute or persistent neck & back pain, a sporting injury or have recently had surgery you will most likely benefit from physiotherapy. It is important for the physio to take a detailed history of your problem in order to understand the cause of the symptoms. This will then help to direct you management and rehabilitation in relation to your own specific goals. 

Neck & Back Pain

For neck & back pain there are many factors that can contribute to the symptoms but commonly lifestyle and behavioural factors are key. 

Sports Injuries & After Surgery

There are multitude of sporting activities to get involved in, in the Ladbroke Grove area.  Including the gym, running outside, 5 aside football to boxing. All of which are good exercises to keep our bodies healthy and fit. However occasionally injuries do occur effecting our ability to participate. A physio is usually the best person to help guide you through the recovery.

Physios have extensive experience in treating patients post surgery or fracture. By carefully taking you through the rehab process the aim is to get you back to your valued activities as soon as possible.

Contact the Clinic

So if you want to find more about the physio services on offer please call or email the clinic directly through the contact page 

You may also wish to find out about other services on offer by visiting the specialist services page 

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