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Surviving the Chill in Notting Hill – Physio’s View

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Lights are on

Well the Christmas lights are now on and there’s a chill in the air and the festivities are soon to begin. So what is the best way to stay healthy and active during the long cold nights in particular in a West London city suburb. As a physiotherapist working in Notting Hill this can still be a very busy time of year with the Ski season starting in mid-December and with the domestic sporting calendar only at the half way point at this stage.  

It is important to maintain some form of exercise through the winter to help keep us healthy, fit and strong. The benefit is not only the feel good factor that we each get from exercise but also, most likely, a reduced risk of injury through being naturally better conditioned. It doesn’t matter what form the exercise takes as long as it gets you moving around, you enjoy it and you are able to do it most days. Wrap up warm but use materials that allow your skin to breathe. To hot and you will sweat which may cool you down to quickly in the cold air.

If you don’t like cycling or running  during the cold nights try switching your exercise to lunchtime, or going for brisks walks instead. If this is still not for you maybe an exercise program performed at home is more your thing. There are plenty of simple Youtube exercise programs out there which will get your heart-rate up. It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling lethargic and tired, therefore losing motivation to exercise. However most of us will find that our energy levels will always increase with a regular activity regime.

Notting Hill Physiotherapy

If you’re not able to exercise due to injury, pain or stiffness …. or maybe need advice on how to start exercising then come and see me out our Notting Hill clinic for some physio. I’ll provide you with a sensible plan to get you exercising or help you to rehabilitate after injury.


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