Being active makes us happier!

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Football – an Active Lifestyle

An interesting study looking at Australian Rules Football which found those involved with the game tended to be happier, healthier and better connected. So is being active the key?

The positive effect on mental health was significant even after a number of factors had been controlled for, including age, social-economic and marital status. These findings are in a population of indigenous men who have previously been reported to be prone to psychological distress. The evidence is therefore encouraging and gives support to the argument that being active keeps us healthy, strong and ultimately happier.

Do Something You Enjoy

Finding an activity that you enjoy or value is crucial – keep it fun and move around is the message! I will always try and encourage my patients to become active, which may be through specific exercises that help to improve function or by incorporating these activities into their daily lives, for example climb the stairs in stead of using the escalator or taking the dog for a brisk walk.

Activities which we enjoy are more likely to be maintained in the long run. Our bodies rapidly adapt to how they are being used. These change are occurring all the time at any age. However we are also just as likely to de-condition as we are to strengthen. If we don’t move our bodies through their full range or fail to keep active our bodies will adapt to it.  The principle ‘use it or lose it’ has never rung so true.

So try to consider today how you could be more active during the day. Going forward – try to set some goals that you might want to achieve in the short and long term.

Get inspired and then go for it!

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