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Running the London marathon – running injury

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Final week to the London marathon

You’ve completed your training for the marathon but you’re now worried about a possible running injury. Preps gone well! But you’ve starting to feel a little tight in the hamstrings & back … and getting a little concerned. How could this be? You’ve followed the running schedule ‘to a T’. Felt good throughout but now its heading to the final week and you’ve begun to notice some niggles.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen, and you won’t be the only one! The majority of niggles are muscular related and should not effect your run. But if it is concerning you in any way – let a physio assess it for you. 

Why are my back and legs tight?

Tightness can be linked a number of factors but the most common is muscular tightness. Very often it is not just the running which is the causing the tightness but how you move and relax on a day to day basis. There are also external influences such as stress or excitement which can cause tension in our bodies. As a physio it is my job to make you aware of these different factors and how to get it better!

This can be done with exercise, through targeting behaviour and even simple relaxation techniques. Such remedies can have rapid responses even within a few days. Massage can sometimes be beneficial in the short term but should not be required repeatedly. It’s more to compliment self-management strategies.

How do I treat joint niggles? 

If you feel a little niggle in your ankle, knee or hip – its most likely due to localised tissue sensitivity. A simple exercise or stretch regime is usually enough to solve the problem. However do get it checked prior or even after the marathon especially if it persists. It may only require a couple of sessions to resolve your issue.

Most running injuries can be managed with appropriate advice and exercise which is great news. So running injury or not – as a physio my aim is to make sure you ‘keep on running!’ 





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